At this moment the Earth faces a series of global challenges including climate change, water scarcity, pollution and loss of biodiversity. The vital value of water is undisputed however within the last few decades scientists have become concerned with water scarcity, water pollution and whether or not the world is running out of clean water.

How is our planet doing?

According to the World Health Organization only 0.007 % of the world’s total water supply is safe for consumption.


 of the Earth is covered by water


of the world's water is freshwater


of the freshwater is obtainable for plants, humans & animals


of the world's water supply is safe for consumption

Water contamination does not only affect the quality of our drinking water but is closely connected to other global challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, geopolitics, the health of ecosystems and the international economy. According to WWF and the European Commission human activity, climate change and a growing global population endanger many freshwater ecosystems across the globe.  Despite international efforts the loss of habitats and species in most rivers have continued and a significant amount of rivers and lakes have been declared too contaminated to use.

At Eco Island we aim to restore and protect Earth’s natural resources by improving water quality, restoring ecosystems, enhancing biodiversity and creating recreational areas to engage local communities.