How does it work?

At Eco Island we want to restore and protect water quality, taking advantage of phytoremediation, a purification process where plants remove, absorb and allocate contaminants from the water body while supporting other natural processes in the water body such as denitrification. 

Our solutions are biomimetic and mimic the function and design of natural wetlands to create beautiful new nature that can function as recreational areas, new urban nature, a tool to restore water-based ecosystems, a way to purify water and improve biodiversity. 

We use scientific research regarding wetlands to develop and implement our version of an environmentally friendly wetland that requires zero chemicals, zero physical filters and zero energy supply.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Improve water quality and remove contaminants from water bodies
  • Restore and protect ecosystems
  • Improve biodiversity
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Recreational improvements to environment and community
  • Create new habitats for wildlife
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Zero need for energy supplies 

The design and removal effects

Our products are all made as scalable and modular elements, making us able to customize every island in shape, size and plant species to meet the challenges our customers might have. The combination of plants selected for the floating treatment wetlands are chosen based on the purpose of the solution while at the same time being local plants that will increase local biodiversity. 

The floating treatment wetland allows aquatic emergent plants to spread their roots directly into the water and as the plants grow with attached biofilm, the bioavailable nutrients, heavy metals etc. in the water are absorbed by the roots and stored in the plant tissue (biomass) securing an effective and low cost remediation.

Contaminants that have been remediated using phytoremediation or plant-assisted bioremediation include: