How our nature based solution work?

Our technology is based on the biological, chemical and physical principles and processes of natural wetlands. 

More specifically we design our nature based solutions as hydroponic systems, using phytoremediation to remove contaminants from the water. 

In this process plants and the plant-microbe interactions in the lower surface of the floating island remove, absorb and allocate contaminants from the water while supporting other natural processes in the water body such as denitrification and sedimentation. 

How our SMART system work?

EcoSmart – Using data and analytics to power a green transition

EcoSmart is a creative technology with appropriate automation – creating truly sustainable water systems. (Em)powering a new paradigm – towards a future of regenerative water systems through data enabled regeneration, while creating transparency and visibility, and this is extremely important, because 


So … in short EcoSmart help our customers to monitor and manage their water systems, wherever needed, using: 

  • IoT integration 
  • Connectivity platform for data management 
  • Real-time monitoring data transmission 
  • Early warning system
  • Flow sensors 
  • Monitoring in-situ water quality parameters 
  • Remote monitoring sensors 
  • Cloud based software system offering highly customized solutions.
  • Software as a service
  • Sensors easily adaptable everywhere
  • Sensors adaptable to solar power technology 


The floating islands are biomimetically designed and function without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, physical filters or energy supply. All our solutions are scalable and can be customized to your needs. 

Removal effects

Contaminants that have been remediated using phytoremediation or plant-assisted bioremediation include: